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Our Story

Our Story


a tale of romance and fate…
At Simelia, the journey of passion and heritage intertwines with love and innovation, creating a tapestry of stories that span generations:
CP Hoogenhout, who departed from Amsterdam in 1860 and made his home on Groenberg, a ward within the Wellington wine district of South Africa, is where this remarkable journey began. He played a pivotal role in founding the Groenberg school in Wellington and championing Afrikaans education, leaving a profound legacy. The torch of his influence was passed down to his son, PI Hoogenhout, an ambassador and dedicated contributor to the Afrikaans language, who crafted enduring songs such as “Kom ons gaan blomme pluk in die vlei.”

PI’s son, Imker Hoogenhout continued this legacy, broadcasting original Afrikaans songs from his farm on Groenberg in the 1940’s, capturing the essence of Boland wine and local farm life. His passion for wine farming resonated through his melodies, earning him global recognition.

As the baton passed to the fourth generation, Ben Hoogenhout elevated wine farming with unmatched dedication, evolving the family home into a thriving vineyard and vine nursery. His legacy became intertwined with Simon and Celia’s love story.

A German native, Simon Obholzer, captivated by Cape Town’s allure, met Ben’s daughter Celia in 2008, kindling a love story that blossomed into marriage in Wellington’s winelands. Their shared passion for wine spurred them to manage Celia’s family farm, Woestkloof’s vineyards. With the couples’ unwavering dedication, combined with Ben’s invaluable guidance, they have fondly nurtured the family farm into what is now the home of Simelia.

A chance encounter on their safari honeymoon brought Johann Innerhofer, a wine connoisseur, into their lives. This encounter paved the way for mentorship and friendship, enriching their journey.

In a harmonious collaboration, seasoned wine experts and a devoted production team crafted the first vintage in 2013 from well established vines, resulting in a wine of unparalleled quality and beauty.

And so, SIMELIA was born – a name echoing the union of Simon and Celia, embodying the romantic tale of two souls intertwined in the Cape Winelands, crafting wines that resonate with history, love, and excellence.

With Simelia, Simon and Celia have artfully achieved a harmonious fusion of the Northern and Southern hemispheres, crafting wines in the new World while upholding the time-honored traditions of the Old World.

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