The first vineyards were planted here at Woestkloof Estate in the 1700’s where the farmers discovered the ideal terrain for planting grapes for winemaking purposes. The farm is located on the gentle slopes of Groenberg mountain, where the interaction of the terroir and climate creates the perfect and interesting partners for red grape varietals such as our Syrah and Merlot. Woestkloof Estate has a wonderful old block of Syrah and Merlot, which was planted in the 1980’s and 1990’s respectively, producing the finest quality fruits.
The vineyards are ideally positioned on the gentle mountain slopes where perfect conditions for daytime sunshine ripens the grapes, and cooling mountain winds at night regulate the ripening process. The soil type largely consists of decomposed granite with traces of Table Mountain sandstone where our vineyards, with their deeply set roots, have been thriving for over thirty years SIMELIA wines the unique and exquisite nature of Groenberg’s terroir, allowing for the finest quality that the soil and fruit bring to our wines. We strive to deliver wines that best celebrate the Boland winelands and believe in farming only the grape varietals best suited to our area.